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"Mo Cau", A lovely souvenir in Thuy Bieu homestay (06-07-2017   16:32:00)

Coming to Thuy Bieu homestay, visitors can experience the life of the locals, listen to historical tales that sometimes seem like fairy tales. Not only that, come to Thuy Bieu homestay, visitors also received a small and very lovely gift, which is not everywhere. It’s “Mo Cau”.

Thuy Bieu homestay in hue

Thuy Bieu Homestay in Hue

After each stay, the owner will send to guest the gift is "mo cau". It is transformed into different things. "Mo cau" can make a fan, also called "quat mo". It helps blow away the heat on summer noon, you can also smell the subtle fragrance of areca spadix. 

"Mo Cau" Thuy Bieu Homestay In Hue

Besides, "Mo cau" can be transformed into small ships or beautiful bags. It used to be contain your little items or fruits. Specially, "Mo cau" contain the heart of owner and locals in Thuy Bieu homestay. 

Coming to Thuy Bieu homestay to discover and experience together!

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