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Sustainability & Responsible Planning Tourism

The positive of Sustainability & Responsible Planning Tourism is to ensure that development is a positive experience for local people, tourism companies, and tourists themselves.

Pomelo Perfume Restaurant - Taste of Home

With the use of brick wall to create old space, it gives visitors the intimacy, warm and feeling like returning to their family. Beside ancient green houses are designed in accordance with the modern trend but they still keep the beauty of the old village of Hue. It is perhaps because of this beautiful scene that Pomelo Perfume Restaurant has become a regular destination for foreigners who want to experience the Vietnamese living space and those who wish to have their own private space to return.

Pomelo Garden - Afternoon Tea

Enjoy the beauty of silence in our Pomelo garden, a tranquil village in the center of bustling Hue. Delicious tea, candies, biscuits and fresh fruits are served in the charming atmosphere of a garden house. Daily: From 15:00 to 17:00 Price: $10 per person Tax and Services charges Not Included - Group Size Minimum 2 guests - Reservation Required

Thuy Bieu Homestay Package 2019

Thuy Bieu village is an ancient village situated on the southern bank of Perfume River. Merely 7km from Hue city centre, Thuy Bieu Homestay is a hidden traditional house of untouched nature and culture and is mostly famous for its mild sweet Thanh Tra, a special kind of pomelo with refined fragrance and green skin. When spring comes, the garden is filled with its aromatic white flower and when autumn comes, it is time for locals to collect the ripe pomelo.

Homestay in Hue

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