Price: 35 USD / person USD/person

Chuon Lagoon is about 10km from Hue city. This is exciting place to relax after hard working, experience activities catching seafood as fish, shrimp…, enjoy cool and clear air. Everyone often come here in the afternoon from April to July. This is good time to visit it. There is no rain, the temperatute medium and the most many fish, shrimp…


Visiting Chuon Lagoon, you will have change to see activities catching fish, shirmp and the life of local people. They live on boat. The boat is their house. Every afternoon, the firshermen will catch fish, shirmp… This is a hard work, It lasts 12 hours continuously from 6pm to 6am… In the morning, the wife will sell them in the local Market, the children can help their parents a part of work. The family’s life here not rich but homely and happy. Local people here are friendly, kinds, optimistic. You always see they smile even though they are feelling tired, hard. When you come here, they always smile and welcome to you. You will have change to experience sit on the boat and catching fish, shrimp…  with local people. They will teach for you how to throw the nest to catch the most many fish, shrimp. Besides, you will have change to listen history of Lagoon, name of kinds of fish which you have catched. Learn how to processing and cook them, then enjoy them. In the afternoon, the sunset here is beautiful. I’m sure you will feel comfortable and interesting in experience trip come to here.

Almost tourists came here, they always feel Chuon Lagoon is very beautiful, captivate and pulling them stay here. They took photos to save memorized about here.  They love people who live here, natural scenery here. The photo of fishing people, the sun is rising and experience activities which they have join always in their memories and album. Let’s try come here one times to discover  and experience eveything here.

Chuon Lagoon is a part of Tam Giang Lagoon system. It located in Phu An Village, Phu An District. To come here, you can book tour or rent motobike or car. But you should book tour. If you book tour, you will have more experience.


        Policy for Children:

  1. Children younger than 5 years old: free
  2. Children from 6 - 10 years old: 30% discount
  3. Children older than 10 years old: as adult price



  1. Mineral water and travel insurance
  2. Local English tour guide
  3. Tourist car
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Sampan Boat in Tam Giang
  6. Sightseeing & experience fee in Tam Giang
  7. Dinner in Tam Giang lagoon
  8. Mineral water


  1. Personal expenses
  2. Tip for tour guide and driver
  3. Beverages in meals
  4. VAT