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Over 10 heritage cities to join “Exchange Meeting of Heritage Cities 2017” in Hoi An (25-08-2016   10:23:00)

Recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage in 1999, Hoi An is a beautiful ancient town, boasting a diverse culture and an unique cuisine. This riverside city used to be a busy trading port, dating from the 15th to the 19th century and today has become one of most popular tourism attractions of Viet Nam.

According to Vietnam Television (VTV), the “Exchange Meeting of Heritage Cities 2017”, a highlight of the 6th Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2017 will take place on Sep 9 to 14, 2017. 10 to 12 countries will be invited to join this meeting, said VTV. Quang Nam People’s Committee and representatives of UNESCO Viet Nam, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have recently held a meeting on organization related issues for this event.  

The “Exchange Meeting of Heritage cities 2017” is expected to connect heritage cities/towns that have similar situation to Hoi An, aiming to share and study the experience in the field of heritage conservation and tourism promotion among these cities. The event will greatly contribute to the tourism development and investment attraction of Quang Nam Province, as well as to increase the cultural exchange between Vietnamese and international regions.

Source: National Times