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Transaction process

3.1 Process for shoppers:

  • Customers need to use the travel service just visit the website http://huetouristvietnam.com and search by demand. 
  • Customers learn products, prices, information on the website.
  • Customers booking tour or mail
  • Customers and sellers exchange information, payment.
  • The customers agrees and deposits the services before departure
  • Carry out complaint procedures (if any).

3.2 Process for sellers/ posters:

     Administrators post service information on the website in accordance with Vietnamese law.

3.3 Transaction process:

     When booking tours and services on the website huetouristvietnam handle the tours booking, hotels booking, travel services of customers, and transfer the processed booking to the sales department with details related to the customer service booked included in customer purchase orders through daily reports.

     The tour sales department sends programs, contracts to customers, advising clients and helps customers with reservation procedures.

3.4 Cancellation process:

     Please send the booking confirmation staff with the customer to cancel.