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Thua Thien Hue the ideal place of tourists in the future (19-06-2018   08:48:00)

Thua Thien Hue- the ideal place of tourists in the future

Thua Thien -Hue (centre) propose a plan  to develope travel and services developing to become the first place of tourists visiting Vietnam and Asian.

Thua Thien Hue organ is trying to Thua Thien – Hue become heritage cultural city in 2030. Thua Thien-Hue hopes to attract over 7 millions tourists ( includes about 3.5 millions foreign tourists) and achieve revenue from 18,000 to 20,000 billions dong.

To achieve this aim, the province is focused on improving the quality of cultural and heritage tourism products, developing new products and high quality tourism services.

To preserve and promote the cultural values ​​of its historical and cultural heritages, the city of Hue has recently created the program "The Imperial City of Night", one of the most beautiful courses of discovery of the heritages of the Center of the country.

Vietnam has a long list of heritages. Hue is renowned for its 900 historical monuments and cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO. The exploitation and conservation of these structures is an essential element in the development of the local economy.

Determined to restore and preserve the historic sites, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center has created a new artistic program in the Imperial City (Dai Noi), which is included in the circuits comprising the former capital. It is an impressive tourist product, considered as the acme of the "Path of the heritages of the Center".

They also have the opportunity to admire the traditional rites such as the ceremony of changing the guard at the Ngo Môn, the representation of courtmusic  in the courtyard The Thai Hoa Palace, the Forbidden Purple City (Tu Câm Thanh) and the Garden of Co Ha, the concert of dai nhac (great music of nha nhac, in the courtyard of the The temple of the generations) Hue Singing at the Palace of Truong Sanh.

Thua Thiên- Hue mobilizes and calls on investors in the construction of key projects such as the modernization of the Phu Bai International Airport, the construction of the Chân Mây port, etc.