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One day in Hoi An (22-03-2018   17:10:00)

In the 17th – 18th centuries, Hoi An acient town was a national seapot famous in Southest Asia.  But in the 17th century, the water transport didn’t develop. The Boat of the world has gradually decreased. From that, commercial port started depression and forgeted. So, it avoied destroy of war, preserved the acient beauty perfectly of an Asian commercial port. In 1999, Hoi An has recognized “ World Heritage” by UNESCO. The dometic and foreign tourists visit Hoi An has gradually increased and became to a destination interesting of Vietnam, Asia and the world.


If you have 24h in Hoi An, I will introduce some activites.

In the morning, when the sun rise, let get up to see sunrise and go jogging and breath clean air… Sure, the sunrise in Hoi An so beautiful, peaceful…. Then, let’s find a restaurant and have breakfast. You should try bread, Quang Noodle… They are local food in Hoi An. Enjoy coffee in the morning on pavement… It’s so exciting…  Walk around town and visit these old house such as Tan Ky, Quang Thang, Phung Hung old houses, Ong pagoda, Sa Huynh museum…

Tan Ky old house.

Tan Ky old house is one of the most popular house of all old house in Hoi An. It was built about  in the 18th – 19th  centuries by Chinese owners. The design of old house has affect from Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese architecture. The house trendy tubular. Front of the house faces to , the back of the house faces to river. It was convenient for importing goods.

Phung Hung old house.

It was built more 200 years and the most beautiful sample house of traditional architecture trends.  The design of house same Tan Ky house. Balcony is designed  Chinese architechture, roof is designed Japanese and Vietnamese architechture.

Duc An old house.

Tan Ky old house was built more 180 years and designed Vietnamese architechture. History of old house attached to history of Chinese tradional medicine trade and place to meet together of Vietnamese love country in period of resistance war against France.

Ong pagoda.

Ong pagoda is located on 24 Tran Phu street. It was built mid 17th century by Chinese and Vietnamese. The pagoda worship a tycoon very good. His name was Quan Van Truong. This is one of destination very popular of tourist. Let’s come here, you will feel  real value of this old pagoda.

Sa Huynh Museum

Sa Huynh Museum is located on 149 Tran Phu street, Hoi An. It exhibits collection more 1000 artifacts related to old people of Sa Huynh cultural. They have dating more 2000 years. Artifacts were exhibited at Sa Huynh cultural museum almost have archaeological site very reliable. Special, Sa Huynh cultural musem also exhibit some artifacts were found  in Cu Lao Cham. Sure, this is the best place to discovery about died and lived notion, relationship bussiness, comunicates… inbound and outbound…

In the afternoon, You can rent bicycle or motobike go to beach. There are two beach you can choose: An Bang, Cua Dai beach… They are one of 50 beautiful beach in the world.  Remember prepare bikini, ceam, glass, tower, coat… to swim, lie cool on the sandy beach, take a photo, go along the beach… It’s so wonderful…

In the everning, Back to Hoi An acient town and have dinner. You can enjoy Chicken rice after enjoy sweet soup…  After dinner, the old town just lights up. The light from these old house shine sparkling on the Hoai river, Nhat Ban bridge, Hoai bridge with many colors. Walk around to see town in the night, take part in activity very excited: travel on the boat, play card on the top of Bach Dang street, shopping, go coffee…

Have a good trip!