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Khai Dinh tomb the Artistic masterpieces (18-06-2018   16:31:00)

Khai Dinh tomb- the Artistic masterpieces

From far, Khai Dinh tomb is similar to a castle in Europe, it was built  in the central Thua Thien –Hue. Khai Dinh tomb is combination between ancient and modern art, between western and eastern art.

Khai Dinh tomb is as well known as Ung tomb. It is located in Chau Chu mountain, about 10kms from Hue city. it is tomb of King Khai Dinh (1885- 1925). He is the twelfth king of the Nguyễn dynasty.

Comparing to other tombs before his tomb, Khải Định 's tomb's surface area is much smaller than the tombs of his predecessors. But it is the most expensive tomb and it spend so much time to complete.

To build the tomb, people used iron, steel, cement bought from France and porcelain, colored glass bought from China and Japan. According to researchists, Khai Dinh tomb is a beautiful tomb with art of pottery and glasses.

The most important part of Khai Dinh tomb is Thien Dinh palace. It is located in the highest place of the tomb. It is built and decorated carefully and skillfully.

This works consist of 5 parts in succession which lead to coffin of king Khai Dinh. There are many frescos which made by glazed terraccotta. They were  performed in many topics such as tu quy, ngu phuc.

There is one throne in this tomb, it was made by cement and about one ton. Besides that, there are two statue of king Khai Dinh here. They has the same size and looking ; about 1m6 in high.

Exploring the Khai Dinh tomb, tourists can visit many gravestone and statues which made the tomb like a museum.  Unique and impressive  architecture of Khai Dinh tomb will attract you. According to a Unofficial statistic, there were thousands of tourists visiting this tomb per day.