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The special community and city tour, we had an unforgettble trip with 13 guests who came from different countries such as Canada, the UK, New Zealand, etc. For me, the special attractions in Hue city are very interesting tourist destinations. So, that is the reason why I felt highly excited to bring that special experience to my visitor. I much say that this is my favorite tour so far.

Hue city is an ancient city of Viet Nam. Hue city is famous for not only its beauty but also spiritual values.

I have a instruction for you that the best ways to visit Hue city is travels by motorbike. Now , let me show you the wonderful Hue city tour.

The first, to star the new day , we will enjoy the traditional coffee. Coffee culture of Hue can be described in 3 words: concentrated, subtle and slow, like their personalities. Because there are not many amusement parks while too much free time, so they can enjoy coffee at anytime of the day. In the hot summer, you will see the cafe shops in  Huong river are always crowded.

In this special tour in Hue city, we visited many famous travel destinations. Through this beautiful tour, we know more about the beauty of Hue. Let’s explore together!

The first tourist site is Thanh Toan Bridge. Thanh Toan bridge is located in Thanh Thuy Chanh Village. It is surrounded by an abundance of green fields and waterways. It is not only beautiful but also tranquil. Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge draws visitors from the city with its own particular charms. Besides Thanh Toan bridge, we visited the museum that villagers donated old farming tools and other things. These objects reminded them of a past life. Our visitors saw how to separate the rice from the plants and how to blow away husks using manual tools.

The next is Khai Dinh tomb . The tomb is about 7km away from the center of Hue city tour. In order to complete the tomb, the rulers had to raise national tax to 30%. By then Vietnam sovereignty was lost to French invaders and Western culture was prevailing all over the country. Consequently Khai Dinh tomb is the result of the intermingling of Oriental and Occidental, Roman and Gothic style, Hindu and Buddhist style, as well as ancient and modern features. It’s also known as Ung Lang


After that , we will have lunch in Thien Tam restaurant located in the countryside, 10 minutes outside of historic Hue City, built in traditional Vietnamese design. Cozy, semi-open dining areas and artistic decor in a courtyard garden. Also exhibits paintings of well known Vietnamese artists. Specializes in traditional recipe handed down through generations. Coming to Thien Tam restaurant to enjoy the royal vegetarian different dishes. We savored a lot of different dishes such as mushroom soup, fried tofu with tomato, fried vegetable with mushroom and so on. Our visitors were incredibly satisfied with these dishes.

Continue the tour, we were going to the next place. It’s is Vong Canh hill. Vong Canh hill is a peaceful and poetic hill among ancient features of Nguyen King’s royal tombs.

The hill itself is now covered with pine trees and daisy. Once, there was a purpose-built watching tower on the top of the hill, though only parts of its foundation remain until today. Besides, Water plant Van Nien – which is the oldest in Central Vietnam and an Oriental-styled building designed by a French architecture, just 300m from Vong Canh, is also worth a visit. It was recommended that when coming to Vong Canh, just follow the indication: watch the scene! It may have nothing to be entertaining but for those who are looking for natural beauty and calmness, that’s perfect enough.

Leaving this nice place, we were heading to the last place. Among thousands of pagodas, Tu Hieu Pagoda is one the most significant one. Tu Hieu Pagoda is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Hue Buddhism and see Hue famous attractions. You can take our Hue city tour or Hue Buddhism tour to get here and have a more detail view.

During the Hue City Tour, we will felt so happy and enjoyable. We enjoy the fresh atmosstphere , the friendly people , the countryside ,..... it’s so awesome.